Even though pizza is not our traditional food, India is one of the largest consumers of pizza. That is the sole reason for the exponential growth of pizza franchises in India. Over 60% of pizza franchises have reported tremendous success in the past 5 years and the net profit of pizza franchises is calculated to be far more than most of the other franchise sectors.

So let’s look at some of the main reasons why the pizza craze has been booming in recent years:

1. It is Versatile and Customizable

Pizza is a very versatile food. It can be made with a variety of different toppings, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.  From big controversies like pineapple on pizza in the US to us Indians having the freedom to add our traditional touch to our favorite pizza, we have all fallen in love with this versatility. Achari pizza, paneer tikka pizza, and paneer and chicken butter masala pizza are some of the craziest combinations that we have all fallen in love with.

Some of the most popular pizza franchises, like US Pizza, provide us with tremendous variety and mesmerizing taste by introducing our Indian flavors, like tandoori paneer, yum dum, balle balle, gujarati treat, chatpata paneer, and even pav bhaji pizza. Not just that, we can customize and make our own pizza.

 2. It is Affordable and Convenient

Indians need everything at an affordable rate. Most of us are not very big fans of spending 1000 rupees on a coffee; instead, when something as luxurious and party-like as pizza is available starting at 99 rupees, we just fall in love with the idea of it and tend to order it at every celebration. 

There are many pizza restaurants and chains that offer pizza at a variety of price points. Pizza is also a convenient food, and with the promise of getting this delicious burst of flavors delivered to our doorsteps within just 30 minutes of ordering, pizza wins over all other options.

3. Pizza is an Emotion

Pizza is far more than just food for people all over the world. When we hear pizza, we don’t just think about how wonderful it’s taste and texture are; our subconscious automatically relates it to hundreds of precious memories with our friends, families, and loved ones, all the happy moments, celebrations, successes, and even the bad days that were fixed by some slices of pizza. Everything comes up. After all this, forgetting pizza is impossible. Pizza is not food; it’s emotions; it’s happiness, hopes, motivation, and love.

It is very evident that the craze for pizza is never going to end; it will continue forever. So will the success of all the pizza franchises that are run with hard work and dedication.

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